Beverly LeMaire
March 29, 2024

Very polite and professional. My vehicle was very well cared for. They took all precautions to make sure my vehicle was transported safely. I definitely highly recommend this company.

Steven LeMaire
March 29, 2024

Those two young men I believe their names are Tayven, and kole they make an excellent team

mia theriot
March 28, 2024

Great customer service! Quick, easy, and cooperative! Will always be my first recommendation to anyone!

Lee Hadwin
March 26, 2024
Bud May
March 25, 2024
Jessica Anderson
February 28, 2024

Knowledgeable technician! Fast and excellent service with professional results!

Jesse Goforth
February 24, 2024

Very happy with this Gerolds Towing. They were quick and on point with the price. Very professional. These guys know what they are doing. They got me out of harms way very quickly. I would definitely recommend these guys. Sweet fleet too. Nice taken care of trucks. Thanks again for your help guys 😎😎😎

Will Irvin
December 26, 2023

Excellent service. Handled my car with care and respect. Top notch

Zachary LeBlanc
November 17, 2023

Highly recommend Gerald’s towing very professional!

Jason D
October 1, 2023

I tipped a 65hp skid steer this past weekend because the bucket was too high and went over a slight decline and was too top heavy and tilted it over onto its bucket, leaving it with about an 80 degree tilt. This happened at around noon on a Sunday. Gerald's towing assured me that they could come out and help. Young guy (Kole, or was it Cody? can't find name on receipt) came out and was very professional, he assessed the situation and unpacked his tools and proceeded to lower the skid steer like a baby, soft. It started right up and I was on my way. Very professional, if I was stuck in a ditch late at night, Kole would be top of my list to call to help!!! Thank You sooooo very much for rescuing me on a Sunday afternoon, job well done young man!!!! Jason D

Travis Jackson
August 25, 2023

Had a few repair done with Gerald's and I have to say the mechanic Matt that worked on my truck was AWESOME!!!! He fixed it pretty quick and answered all my questions. In the future I'll be contacting them for anything on my truck that breaks

Aris Ste
August 10, 2023

Great service

David Trucker
July 25, 2023

Great service, the only problem I have is I think they overcharged me. They will get the job done but be ready to pay. They're worse than the dealers.

E Flores
July 20, 2023

They are awesome not too expensive I thought

Anthony Holmes
June 22, 2023

Kole did a excellent job!

Randall Olivier
March 28, 2023

Had a truck slide in the ditch late yesterday so called them and they sent out a driver named Kole (19) years old CONFIDENT not cocky young man who hooked up my truck which was loaded with trees and inched my truck out of a bad situation with true professionalism . Whoever took the time to mentor n train this young man you should be proud You have a kid that wants the best ,gives the best, and cares about his equipment the same he did mine In his words I LOVE MY JOB These days kids don’t want jobs much less love them Thanks Gerald’s and thanks Kole you give people like me hope in this country and to dad you raised a fine young man 👍🏿

John Cole
March 25, 2023

We had a stack of 5 chassis that were leaning and about to fall down. Kole assessed the situation, setup correctly and quickly, operated the rotating boom with precision, and got us square and rolling in no time. Super fair on the price. Good people too. 👍🏼 Real pros!

Sandra Washington
March 16, 2023

I can not comment on their towing service, but I can comment that they do not show any compassion toward families when there is a fatality. RIH LFL

Andrea Livings
February 21, 2023

Great customer service! Dispatcher was knowledgeable and communicated throughout the wait time. The truck driver, Tucker, was courteous and helpful as well.

Barb O
December 2, 2022

Great experience with Gerald's Towing. They were very friendly and very professional. They know what they're doing and didn't waste time doing it. We highly recommend them!

Heather Trahan
December 1, 2022

Last week I was stuck in a ditch surrounded by water and could not get out in front of someone's house while I was delivering food at 2 o'clock in the morning. Wasn't the safest of neighborhoods but I don't mind delivering there but when you're stuck there it's a different story. I called 7 tow companies and no one had another truck...finally I was able to get in touch with Gerald's towing and Amber answered the phone.. she was absolutely amazing. She stayed on the phone with me until someone got there ... She actually video called me The whole time and that made such a difference and made me feel so much better. and when she called to have the employee come get me she told him to hurry up because I was not in a safe place and I needed to get out of there ASAP. Within 20 minutes he was there to get Me and another 10 minutes I was out of the ditch and my car was fine and I was fine. I will never call another tow company again.

alex hager
November 25, 2022

Best Towing company around! They stayed true to their quote I was given over the phone. The tow truck driver named Tucker was extremely knowledgeable polite well-mannered and pulled my vehicle out of a ditch without damaging anything or even a scratch. Not to mention shoveled any dirt that was left behind back into the ditch making the homeowner ecstatic over his consideration of ruts and his yard. Would recommend this company to anyone!

Melissa Jones
October 11, 2022
George Fontenot
August 28, 2022

Reasonable, awesome customer service representatives . May come off as a bit stern but God has his hands on the establishment.

nigel m
August 22, 2022

Very positive, the driver worked very hard to unlock a difficult vehicle and did not give up

Pat Pearce
August 15, 2022

Just wanted to give a shout out to Gerald’s Towing. Thank you! Kole and Ryan so willing to help- professional and accommodating. Most of all, they were polite with a neat sense of humor- surely needed at a stressful time! Thank you for a great job! Will always remember your kindness, a rare find!

Angelle Savard
August 13, 2022

Tucker brought my car from Scott to St Martinsville. Great guy. I called 3 other towing companies and this was the cheapest out of all of them and the service was excellent. Tucker knew what he was doing and got us there with no problem.

Friday Oleske
July 31, 2022

Just recently.... The ladies that work in the front offices turned my not so good situation into a better experience with their compassion, understanding, and great customer service. I have to say thank you very much to all three of them for taking the time and effort to work with me and help me get my car taken care of in a timely manner. I recommend Gerald's Towing to anyone who is in need of a tow truck or any of their services they offer. Thanks again. I appreciate you and the service your staff have given me.

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